Evaluation Criteria

Award Scope and Evaluation Criteria

Award Scope:

(1)  The selection scope of Outstanding Contribution Award is limited to basic research or applied basic research on fiber materials and engineering. Important scientific phenomena, characteristics and laws are found, and scientific theories and theories are expounded. Domestic and foreign scholars who have made creative and outstanding contributions in basic research, achievements transformation and personnel training are also included.

(2)  The Young Scholars Award is limited to young scholars at home and abroad (under 45 years of age) who have initial achievements and development potential in the field of fiber materials science and engineering.

Evaluation Criteria:

(1)  Originality of research results in fiber-related Sciences

(2)  Influences of research findings in fiber-related Sciences

(3) Innovation of Research Achievements in Fiber-related Sciences

(4)  Research Status in Fiber-related Science

(5)  Teamwork and cooperation

(6)  Quality and quantity of papers, patents, software, etc. in fiber-related Sciences

(7)  Other considerable conditions submitted by the nominee

(8)  For the above two awards, if the award-winning application in the current year fails to meet the required criteria, the award may be vacant.